Coding Christmas: A holiday door challenge

I love a good challenge, so when a staff email was sent out announcing a school wide holiday door decorating contest I was excited to have my students start planning. During our initial brainstorming meeting a student suggested that we find ways to incorporate technology into our door. He referenced the interactive bulletin board  that Brian Aspinalls class had created earlier in the year and suggested that we could use the same technology. Two other classmates quickly added the use of Augmented Reality and Green Screen to the list. I decided to let them loose and see what they could come up with.

Touching blue snowflakes to play various Christmas songs

They immediately decided to cover the door in aluminum foil; a material they recognized as a conductor. A small group searched the library on Scratch and found the MaKey MaKey Christmas Songs  program and decided it was a perfect fit for our door. They hid the Makey Makey circuit board under some foil and ran alligator clips from it to the parts on our door that they wanted to play music, when touched.

Over the next two weeks students wrote, revised and carried out short skits using the Do Ink Green Screen app.

Using our school’s Green Screen and Do Ink to create short skits

Then they used Aurasma to link their digital content to the pictures on the door; bringing our door to life. They used small, jeweled stickers to mark all of the trigger points. Several student skits, a Tellagami weather report and an animated snow storm were just some of the videos that would launch when scanned. 

The students decided to personalize the door when they printed off pictures of themselves and added them to the door. 

The end result was a piece of work that not only showcased their understanding of how to use technology, but their ability to work collaboratively, problem solve and to be innovative.

Enjoying our prize! Treats and a movie.

The competition was stiff, but their hard work paid off with a win in our division!

The finished product in action. 

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