QR Codes in the Primary Classroom

I introduced QR codes into the classroom a year ago. I was frustrated with students not being able to access appropriate sites on their mobile devices, in order to listen to reading. 5 minutes later our problem was solved. A QR linked to a Google Doc allowed students to scan and then select a site from a list, eliminating frustrations and building independence.

Fast forward a year and QR codes have made their way into every aspect of our learning environment.

Linking a QR to Google Drive has allowed young students to access relevant information with ease. During a Social Studies inquiry around Land Use I was able to create a working document for each topic and then add a variety of articles, videos and images that are at the students level. Young students are able to develop research skills, using technology in a safe environment.

Listen to Read QR

Listen to Read QR

During math class students love using QR codes to check the answers to problems. Our NASA QR is well used by those that are interested in Space and the bins in our classroom library have codes that link to author websites.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.03.27 PM

One of our most powerful experiences with using QR codes was a result of coupling the use of a QR with Google Forms during our data management unit. Students created their surveys using Forms and then independently created a QR. Their task was to survey as many people as possible; students went out into our school community, took the codes home to their families and posted them to our class Twitter account. By the following day some students had over 300 responses. We followed up by using QR codes and Forms to measure the impact of PSAs we shared through social media and received data from over 150 people.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.06.04 PM

Videos created are shared with QRs, which are posted around the room. They have become commonplace in our classroom; they are a tool that is accessed and utilized more frequently than pencils in our little corner of the world.

QR codes provide another way to share digital work with parents.

QR codes provide another way to share digital work with parents.

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