So many apps, so little time

I don’t think I am alone when I say that the world of technology can be a little overwhelming at times. There are so many great apps out there. How can one possibly have the time to figure them all out? And still find time to plan, and teach?

I’ve discovered that through my PLN and the wonderful world of twitter, I don’t have to go searching for the best products. I can rely on my fellow educators to steer me in the right directions and in return, I do the same.

Today, I decided to delve into the world of QR codes. The Qrafter app made this a relatively simple task. Coupled with a Google doc attachment (also a first), I now have a QR code to assist students at the Listen To Read work station in our classroom. By scanning the app with the iPad mini, they will be directed to a list of kid friendly websites. The entire process took less than half an hour, and will eliminate frustration and wasted time in the classroom. An investment of time that is well worth it, in my books!

I am excited to continue to use QR codes in the classroom and look forward to hearing how others have utilized this technology.

For information on using google docs, for newbies like me check out this link

For information on QR codes visit


3 thoughts on “So many apps, so little time

  1. Brian Aspinall (@mraspinall) says:

    About a year or so ago I coined the term ‘appchuck’ because everyone was ‘tosssing’ them around.

    We can never never know about all of them. And there will always be three or four that do the same (like QR vs. Augmented Reality vs. apps like ‘Chirp’ – all ‘neat’ and engaging but very similar in process – a quick way to share data to other devices).

    I tell people to let the lesson guide the app and not vice versa. Sometimes we find a ‘bells and whistles’ app that we want to incorporate into a lesson, when it should be the lesson that determines the app.

    You are 2 for 2! 2 posts in 2 days! I’ve enjoyed reading them both. I think many are thinking what you have written here today.

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